Jerry Saltz Is His Own Work Of Art

I’m a big fan of New York Magazine and yes, I admit it makes me feel just a little more a part of the “in crowd” to read it.  Jerry Saltz, the lead judge for the Bravo TV show WORK OF ART, writes an interesting piece about what he learned from being a part of the show. The article is both insightful and educational. It’s rare that the viewer gets an inside look of a reality TV production. But it’s even more rare for a critic to talk about how he can do his job better. And because of that, he is now a friend in my head. We sit over dinner of pasta fazool while we discuss well…he discusses, I just listen, the many facets of the art world.

As a writer, I know the importance of criticism. I am also well aware of the biting sting criticism can leave. One small word can send me to the edge, pondering for about the 80 millionth time why I didn’t just join the Peace Corp when I had the chance. Why do I continue to isolate myself in my apartment drinking Dunkin Doughnuts coffee to create the most near to perfect storytelling I can?

But this isn’t about me. It’s about criticism. We all need to hear it at some point. It’s important to take feedback in a constructive manner and learn from it.  And that even a critic such as Jerry (yes, as a friend in my head I can call him by his first name) can critique himself and learn to do better.