Women Are Funny – But Hollywood Still Doesn’t Realize It

Women are funny, people! Get over it. Yet the entertainment industry is still so surprised that BRIDEMAIDS is funny and successful? What a crock! Now Hollywood seems bound and determined to ride this new wave of “Raunchy Female” comedies.  Anna Farris (THE HOUSE BUNNY) comes out tomorrow with a new flick WHAT’S YOUR NUMBER addressing the number of notches on her non-existence chastity belt, and how the high amount of bedfellows diminishes her chances of finding a lasting, meaningful relationship. Women talking about the consecutive number of sexual partners? This is a new comedic twist, and in a lot of women’s minds, pretty raunchy. Only sluts and skanks would talk about the total number of men they’ve slept with. Oh, wait a minute…maybe Anna Farris’ character is a slut…in her own sweet and charming way. Kind of like when Julia Roberts portrayed a hooker with a heart of gold.

Women are funny, damn it! But somehow Hollywood still will not allow them to express humor in a way that doesn’t center around what happens in or around their Who Ha – even with the success of BRIDEMAIDS. There have been attempts. The sad crash and burn of Sarah Jessica Parker in I JUST DON’T KNOW HOW SHE DOES IT.  The film is a classic failure with a story concerning the same cliches of working women that have been depicted in the highly successful 1987 BABY BOOM with Diane Keaton (Netflix it today. Keaton is absolutely delightful…and funny!). But where Keaton succeeds in depicting an entertaining story about a women who needs to reprioritize her life, SJP fails…completely.

It appears it’s still going to be a long road before Hollywood recognizes that female comedies can be enjoyable without ever mentioning the amount of visitors to her naughty place, or recycling successful storylines for jumbled, confusing, and I’ll say it…stupid, insipid yarns that just make me want to poke my eyes out with a hot fork out of sheer boredom. But I can be patient. How about BRIDEMAIDS II? Hey, it worked for the HANGOVER!