Andy Cohen – The Voice of Reason on Bravo TV

Bravo TV is known for its famous franchises of reality shows, but who knew Andy Cohen, Vice-President of Original Programming and Development would be such a breakout star?  His Watch What Happens Live shows are just plain hysterical and as the lone voice of reason among the housewives reunions shows, he’s really made himself a steady fixture in the Bravo TV lineup. It’s impossible to forget his standard cheeky wink when one of the wives says something so incredibly wrong that we either groan or just laugh – loudly.

His terrific sense of humor has come in handy this season. When Theresa Giudice (Housewives of New Jersey) tosses him like a rag doll in the middle of a fight, the audience is a little amused ….and shocked. But Andy’s quick and witty acknowledgment of the situation, made everything right with his panel and with the viewing audience.

Andy is a friend in my head. Someone I’d like to sit and have a cocktail with and discuss pop culture in a way that doesn’t seem too shallow. I know – that hardly seems feasible. But with Andy it’s totally possible. That’s what makes him an integral part in Bravo TV’s storytelling. With someone like Andy – a funny, smart, yet somewhat eccentric moderator – the craziness of the network’s reality shows stars are called to the carpet by his many skeptical looks – also hysterical. He’s just brings a sense of relevancy to the table, making the story – as insane as they story may be – easier to swallow – especially with a Maker’s Mark and Ginger Ale.