Pitch Perfect is Almost Perfect

Let me tell you – there is nothing like watching a movie in a theater full of middle school girls. There were so many of them to see PITCH PERFECT that a manager had to address the crowd before the movie to remind them to behave or be escorted out. Seriously? Shame nobody knows how to behave in a movie theater anymore, but that’s another post.

Now I was there not only for the a cappella music (by the way – BEST opening of a movie I’ve seen in a while – won’t say anything more in fear of spoiling) that was shown in the trailer, but to see the funny Anna Kendrick (Netflix UP IN THE AIR and see her Oscar nominated performance) and the hilarious Rebel Wilson (most famous for her recent turn in BRIDESMAIDS, but she really shines in BACHERLORETTE – see it OnDemand or in your local theater). Both women were good and made the most out of a very choppy script.

The dialogue was okay. There were some hilarious one liners that I’m sure every 13-year-old in the audience is taking with her and repeating to anyone who will listen in the hall of her school. However there was a lot of innuendo. I’m talking A LOT. Much of it was really explicit and didn’t require an enormous amount of cerebral processing. Obviously there was a huge problem keeping the script and story to a point where it wouldn’t warrant an R rating, and because of that the movie really suffers.

Overall, it was entertaining and fun and will make money. Why you ask? Because every thirteen to seventeen-year-old girl will see it and then see it again. And again. And again.