Lisa Bloom – Fanning the Tabloid Fire

Women who want to learn to think for themselves should not read a book on the subject by Lisa Bloom Attorney at Law.

According to Publishers Weekly:

Agent Laura Dail sold North American rights to a book by Lisa Bloom called Think! A Modern Girl’s Manifesto for Staying Smart in a Dumbed Down World. Bloom is an attorney and legal analyst for both CBS News and CNN, and frequents the TV circuit—she’s appeared on everything from The Early Show to Anderson Cooper 360 and is also a recurring fixture on The Dr. Phil Show. In the book, which Roger Cooper and Georgina Levitt at Vanguard acquired, Bloom, a Yale Law graduate, cautions women against paying too much attention to tabloid media. As Dail explains, she tells them to “toss out dusty old myths and dangerous distractions, and start thinking for themselves again.” Vanguard is planning a spring 2011 publication.

The whole announcement seems really hypocritical to me. Lisa Bloom writing a book on how women should avoid tabloid media? Really? I guess I wouldn’t have a hard time with this if every time I turned on the TV I didn’t see Lisa Bloom’s expertly made-up mug pontificating her opinion on almost absolutely everything and everyone. WTF? She’s part of the tabloid feeding frenzy. Every appearance she makes on The Insider, Dr. Phil, CNN Showbiz Tonight adds fuel to tabloid fire. Even the people she chooses to represent (Michael Lohan) are guilty of whoring themselves out for as much fame as they can achieve. And there she is – in the center of it all.

Instead of reading a book by Lisa Bloom, give your time to great literature and truly wonderful female characters that although flawed (who isn’t?) think for themselves. Gone with the Wind. Little Women, O Pioneers! Out of Africa. Eugene Onegin. The list goes on…and on…and on.

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