True Blood – Supernatural Characters for Grownups

It seems if the Twilight vamps and werewolves are for the tweens, than the supernatural characters of TRUE BLOOD are definitely for adults. As a fan of Charlaine Harris’s books, I was interested in seeing her well-built world transition to the small screen. My interest was piqued further with Alan Ball’s (SIX FEET UNDER) immediate decision to change Tara from white to African-American.  I couldn’t wait to see what future seasons would bring.

The result well exceeds expectations.

TRUE BLOOD, now in its third season is off to a HOT start with a new cast of characters playing some furry and some extremely evil entities. These new additions are bringing a new level of conflict – something that is sadly missing from the tomes of Stephanie Meyer and unfortunately have not been addressed in the screen adaptations. This is what makes TRUE BLOOD the show to watch for grownups.    Although last season it hit a bump in pacing with the whole Maryanne arc (wonderfully played by  Michelle Forbes – I remember her well from STAR TREK NEXT GENERATION), the series explored and continues to explore real issues by brilliantly paralleling them to what’s going today – the most prevalent – vampire rights/gay rights.

Conflict in storytelling is what keeps the reader/participant/viewer interested and it is so difficult to achieve. But the writers and producers of TRUE BLOOD have managed to keep the world of Charlaine Harris and add a new layer of conflict that is not only interesting but believable. That is quite the feat when dealing with a supernatural world that was created in a totally different medium. It’s got to be believable for people to tune in again.

To quote LaFayette, “Are you feelin’ me? Are we clear?”

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