Deadliest Catch Is All Heart

The past few weeks I’ve caught Deadliest Catch fever. Watching the fisherman navigate through ice cold water to yield pots of crab is one thing, but to watch how the show has dealt with the sickness and eventual death of a prominent cast member has been something else.

I have to congratulate the writers, story editors and producers of Deadliest Catch in the delicate and poignant way they’ve portrayed the loss of Phil Harris, Captain of the Cornelia Marie.  It was not only great TV, but it was great storytelling. From the hospital scenes to the receipt of the news by the other ships to Phil’s sons publicly dealing with not only the demise of their father, but their own mortality, Deadliest Catch has been an affirming experience and a brilliant testament to how good television can actually be.

First of many – Toy Story 3

So, this is going to be the first of many posts regarding all things written – movies, TV, books and plays. These are the things I am most passionate about .  Let’s begin with the film Toy Story 3.

It’s not surprising that this latest effort from Pixar is absolutely stunning – in so many ways. Growing up is bound to happen, but witnessing it through the eyes of a toy is well…genius. Although presented as a children’s movie, it is clear this latest installment is meant for adult enjoyment – as most of the Pixar works. In fact, most of the adults in the theater were sniffling by the end.  And if movies keep on the same dull pattern this year, Toy Story 3 will have a strong chance of a best picture nomination since the academy upped the nominees to 10 – dumbest move ever! But good news for this movie.